Madz Anthems, the playlist 🎧 of the Madz Galaxy

Are you looking for music ideas to play at parties or to match your current mood?

Are you tired of YouTube playlists, and Spotify doesn’t suggest any songs you don’t already know?

At Madz, we love music and have tons of music to share with you, so we decided to create our own thematic playlists.

A weekly compilation of tunes that we love, make us vibre, dance and motivate us.

Discover a new themed playlist that we hope you’ll enjoy as we do!


Madz Anthems, the playlist to introduce you to the Madz Galaxy

If you’re following us on social media, you’ve probably noticed, we’re CRAZY ABOUT MUSIC!

And to introduce you to our universe, we’ve compiled a playlist of tunes that represent the most who we are, who inspired us and how we vibe.

From Madonna to Blondie, through Grace Jones, Cardi B and Queen Latifah, listen to up to 4 hours of music that celebrate strong, independent and badass women, and will remind you who really run the world!

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